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Vitaca Viñas Tintas Capellanías
"Los únicos viñedos de la Sierra Morena de Andújar (Jaén)"
Elaboración Vino


The heritage histórico vitivinícola de Andújar dates back to the seventeenth century, concentraándose the viñedo in the areas called Peñallana, the Alcaparrosa and the Majuelos. Each house possesses #237;to its own lagar and its own cellar, a fact that resulted in naming the houses of the sierra "Viñas". Currently, we are the únicos viñedos and winery in the Sierra Morena de Andújar, thanks to the effort and interés shown by the winegrower and inólogo, José Luis Navarro Cruz, who tries to recover and resume a part of the ancient tradición cultural wine in the area.


We produce our red wines with our own grapes and manual harvest of our farm "Pago de Capellanías", located in La Alcaparrosa - Andújar, in the Sierra Morena.Our wines are clarified with proteína of pea, so they are suitable for vegan diets. The production of #243;n of the wine is carried out carefully and artisanally, while the grapes are harvested in all phenológicas stages. The harvesting of the #243 grapes is carried out manually in boxes so that they arrive in the conditions más óptimas and preserve all varietal aromas.


Viñedos y Bodega Viñas Tintas Capellanías is a young company formed by José Luis Navarro and Araceli Sánchez, a young couple who share life and profesión, and who have taken over from the family generational, to recover and value the wine culture in the province of Jaén