Vermouth Don Damian (3 x 1 liter)

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3 bottles x 1 liter Vermut Don Damián Elaboration #243 of first quality wine and macerated for 60 días with aromaticáethical plants and botá herbs;mediteráneas. Tasting notes: Mahogany red colour with amber glows. Clean and turbidity-free. Very perfumed and persistent aroma. Intense nose with hints of species such as nutmeg, cinnamon and alsoén aromas cítricos. Nice notes of herbs such as thyme, fennel or rosemary. On the palate it has a balance between sweetness and acidity with pleasant aftertaste. It is complex, elegant, with a long finish that leaves a good memory of a sinfín of nuances. Pairing: Very suitable to take alone, with ice, with sifón or in cocktail. Ideal for accompanyingñar to a myriad of appetizers such as cockles, mussels, olives, anchovies, etc. Bottled: in glass bottle of 1 liter capacity. Grade: 15% Vol. Contains Sulphites.

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