Velandia Pack Woman - Face Cream 50 ml + Serum woman 30 ml + Eye contour 15 ml



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Pack ideal for women's facial care. With three #233 references; essentials that we use daily. Regenerative and antioxidant Woman serum, Face cream hydrationón facial idónea, with *Áhyalur acidónico among other active eye contour enriched with *Coencima Q10 and plant extracts.

Fócertified vegan rmulas, by V. Label.

Cosméhealthy tica, made from 100% plant-based raw material, which comes from certified crops.

This is an exclusive package designedñado for tí! Give your skin a healthy, differentiating #233 that suits your skin


  • Face Cream Bio50ml.
  • Sérum Woman 30ml.
  • ely Contour 15ml.

In this pack you will find a differentiating é for facial care. Dare to experience this feelingón, goes moreás allá skin.

Veland® Bio 50ml face cream (unisex):

Enriched with áhyalurónico of plant origin (obtained from fermentationón wheat peptone, yeast extract and glucose) promotes to maintain 70% más water in the skin than any other substance, providing the #243 hydration; which leaves in its wake deep líneas de expresión.

Contains fucus seaweed extract, rich in azúmoisturizing cares, natural antioxidants, trace elements and minerals used in the biotecnología cosmética, helps  decrease thickness, increase firmness and activate microcirculationón on all skin types. Also #233;n its formulación contains regenerative and antioxidant plant assets that actúan anti-aging cutáneo.

*The percentage of ingredients of plant origin is 98%.

Veland® sérum woman 30ml:

Sédry-touch rum, with first presión oils in frío  <3>;like jojoba (originating in the deserts of Sonora in Méx Mojave in the USA) provides an intense  ón hydration to the skin thanks to its  áunsaturated fatty cidos, which help to renew the células of the epidermis, útil in mixed and dry skins, for the great concentrate of plant-based actives.

Our high content of antioxidant vitamins C and E (and #160 vitamins A,B and B1) are allied when it comes to  attack free radicals, which work with the passage of time.

*The percentage of ingredients of plant origin is 100%.

Veland® 15ml eye contour (unisex):

Contribute  to return that volume and firmness lost, progressively decreases dark circles and wrinkles; thanks to  <1> <0>;components of biotechnological originógico such as this & &&ÁHialurónico (it is obtained from fermentationón wheat peptone, yeast extract and glucose) that promotes to maintain 70% más water in the skin than any other substance. Another important compound is the #160;coenzyme Q10 (a powerful antioxidant) helps  prevent Lískin orders from rusting giving #160;protectionón against free radicals and UVA-UVB rays. In its composition#243;#233;n are also #225;n present a multitude of regenerative plant assets.

Veland®  bets on  anti-aging properties to preserve the cabbageáskin geno.

*The percentage of ingredients of plant origin is 98%.

Job room

Veland® facial cream 50ml: Apply by the mañanas and nights on the face, neck and déco décote, with clean and dry skin.

Veland® serum woman 30ml:  Apply a few drops to the face and neck before the usual cream, massaging to its total absorptionón.

Veland® 15ml eye contour: Apply a smallñquantity in the eye contour area giving light touches.

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