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Discover our stamp dedicated to the recently disappeared writer, Almudena Grandes. In this way, Correos pays tribute to one of the most widely read writers of her generation. The label belongs to the collection of #8MTodoElAño, dedicated to emblematic women in the fight for equality.

Almudena Grandes has been one of the writers with the greatest international projection of contemporary Spanish literature. He published his first novel in 1989, Las edades de Lulú, XI Premio La Sonrisa Vertical. Since then, the applause of readers and critics did not stop accompanying her.

They became one of the most consolidated names in Spanish literature with their novels: Te llamaré Viernes, Malena es un nombre de tango, Atlas de geografía humana, Los aires difíciles, Castillos de cartón, El corazón helado and Los besos en el pan, along with the volumes of short stories Models of Women and Stations of Passage.

Historian and novelist

Almudena Grandes had the curiosity of the historian and the power of the novelist. She did not invent the historical novel but a way of making a singular historical novel, marked by her own training as a historian, which pushed her to credit every real detail without any of this tarnishing her narrative pulse.

This new postal effect is the first of the Writers series, whose purpose is to highlight the work of exceptional authors in our literature as do other series such as Women in Science and Women in Sport, which include stamps dedicated to the Aragonese mathematician Maria Andresa Casamayor de la Coma (2020), the athlete Blanca Fernández Ochoa (2020), the women who won the first Olympic medals for Spanish women's teams (2021) and the Spanish biochemist Margarita Salas (2021).

In addition to the stamp dedicated to Clara Campoamor, Isabel Zendal and, now, Almudena Grandes, the other five women to whom Correos will dedicate a stamp of the collection #8MTodoElAño are Dolors Aleu, Concepcion Arenal, Elidà Amigó, María Blanchard and Luisa Roldán (La Roldana).

All the stamps in this series have been designed by the artist Isa Muguruza, a Spanish illustrator capable of create a unique universe that empowers, through art, the figure of women; an ode to energy and the female body represented through a style that mixes realism, psychedelia and metaphysical.

    Product of Filatelia Correos, sold and sent by Correos

    Printing: Offset in coated, rubberized and phosphorescent support.

    Seal size: 28.8 x 40.9 mm (vertical).

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    Circulation: 135,000 stamps.

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