International Women's Day seal #8MTodoelAño (block sheet)

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#8MTodoelAño discovers the seal that honors all women, on the occasion of the 8M.

Correos issues this March 8 a block sheet dedicated to International Women's Day and with it begins, for the first time, a series within other series. All women's stamps, even if they belong to different philatelic series, will be united by the same design line.

All the stamp designs in which women are the main protagonists of this 2022 and the block sheet dedicated to the 8m have been designed by Isa Muguruza who defines her illustration for the 8M:

For the generic stamp I considered the true meaning of feminism. It is a struggle that women exercise in order to achieve equal rights. Feminist women are therefore women who help other women and their union is what leads to generate real changes.
The union of women creates a beautiful and inspiring "landscape", like a wild field. Therefore, I have drawn the hands of two women holding (helping) each other and emanating from them a lot of flowers. With this drawing I intend to inspire the new generations to continue with that 'legacy' that these great women have left us and continue to advance all together.   


Product Philately Correos

Printing done with procedure: Offset

Block sheet size: 150 X 104.5 mm

Seal size: 28.8 x 40.9 (horizontal)

Format: Block sheet with 1 seal

Publication Date: March 8, 2022

Run: 110,000 block sheets

Product exempt from VAT.


What is a block sheet, and how is it different from a normal seal?

Taking into account that the normal seal has only the surface occupied by the seal, the block sheet is an illustrated surface where one or more seals can appear, so its dimension will be larger, occupying that of the seal and the rest of the sheet and, their sizes and shapes can be very varied.

A curious fact that also differentiates the seal and the block sheet, is that in the first one live characters cannot appear, but in the environment of the seal in the block sheet yes.


How many stamps are on this block sheet?

This block sheet has a stamp with a postal value of € 4.50.

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