Petritegi Organic apple juice - 12x25 cl



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To make this juice 100% apples of ecológico cider varieties are used. The characteristics ísticas más outstanding are its naturalness and flavor. These are achieved by the traditional #243;n brewing process: apples are crushed and deposited in the press or lagar, usingábeing only must-flower, which is the first juice that gums the press by its own weight before pressing. It's the very essence of apples. Once pasteurized it is bottled and #225; ready for consumption.

  • Beath you open, shake the bottle to dilute the naturally forming grounds in the background.
  • Once opened, keep the bottle in frío and consume in four or five días.
  • This juice is ideal for drinking at any time from the día, especially at breakfast and afternoon tea.
  • redients: 100% cider apples from ecológico.
  • Alérgenos: no.
  • without alcohol. No preservatives,
  • 12 bottles of 250 ml each.

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