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"Sidra natural Petritegi, cultura embotellada"
Actividad sidrera del caserío Petritegi de Astigarraga


Soy Ainara Otaño. My family has been leading the cider activity of the houseríor Petritegi de Astigarraga since 1890. The activity, which consists of the cultivation of cider apple and the elaboration of cider #243;n, dates back to Petritegi to dates before the añ or 1526. Currently, I run the company and work with other members of the fourth, fifth and sixth generations of the family and with a young, motivated and professional team.

My team and I worked towards #243 the following objective: to adapt to the new times our long-#243;n cider activity in our land. To this end, we are committed to innovation, #243;n, research #243;n and sustainability, achieving así keeping alive the cultural heritage, biodiversity and landscape associated with Basque cider.


En Petritegi we continue to dedicateáwe are still growing cider apple of autó ctonas varieties - we grow 10 Ha directly - and to the #243 elaboration of natural cider and apple derivatives, such as ecol juiceógico and natural cider sparkling.

Our short-term goal is to continue to expand petritegi's growing area by 4 Ha by 2020 and further develop the diversificationón of the product -natural ciders fermented with their own yeasts, mono-varietal ciders, modern ciders, etc.- and reach new markets.
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Petritegi's #243;n production team made it four people,

  • Txetxu Mujika, head of production #243;n.
  • Argoitz Otaño, atólogo.
  • Iribar, operator,
  • And I, Ainara Otaño, cider house and director. 


17 May, 2020
Javier Abad Tallon

"Buena sidra ecológica"

Gran sabor y envio en perfecto estado. Repetiremos

17 May, 2020
Miguel Mangas

"Rapidez y comodidad"

20 Nov, 2020
Miguel De Casas

"Faltan por llegar una caja de 12 , pedí dos y sólo llego una . Gracias"

25 Feb, 2021