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Taste, health and high applicability of consumption as a snack or canap baseé.

Marine cookies are an ancient solution #243 for sailors to preserve bread naturally on long crossesías oceánicas, and constitute an innovative product for its flavor, texture, #243;n, healthy cará


Caráhealthy cter: We use úonly high quality ecológico ingredients, 100% natural (without GMOs, without additives: no preservatives or dyes), without azúcar añadido and with a reduced salt content with related #243 relation to other products of the catechoría (1.4 /100 gr). Extra virgin olive oil is a natural source of unsaturated fats (the substituteón of saturated fats in the feedón by unsaturated fats contributes to the maintenance of adequate blood cholesterol levels). Certificationón ecológica and vegan.

High applicability and ease of consumption. You can consume the Seafood as a healthy snack, at home, between hours, or take them to consume at work, as a snack for niños, in the countryside, the beach... In addition, #225;s, for their high resistance to the absorption of #243 moisture and their neutral taste, the Marineras are also #233;n ideal as bases of canapé, as these remain intact for hours without softening, combined with sweet flavors (jams at breakfast) and savory (at dinners, picnics, with cheese, jamó


That's why, you can consume Seafood Cookies as Healthy Cookie – Dietética, Pan Tostato, Tostas, Biscottes, Canapé, Salted Biscuit, Cracker... , save you time #225 for its ease of preparation #243;n and #243;n and contributeán to a moreá diet;s healthy.

*Olive oil is a natural source of unsaturated fats and contributes to the maintenance of adequate blood cholesterol levels, in addition to #225;s all ingredients of Daveiga Marine cookies are 100% natural (without preservatives, additives, niGM dyes).

Pack consists of: 10 separate units of 180 g.

redients: Wheat flour*, extra virgin olive oil* (9%), natural sea salt, IP soy lecithin, natural yeast. Más of 25% #243 reduction in salt, compared to similar products. 0% azúcares añadidos: Contains azúcares naturally present

. vegan


Al #233&<1>;rgenos

  • It may contain derivatives lácteos.

Serving in a cool, dry place and protecting from sunlight.

*From ecológica agriculture.

Product with Certificationón Ecológica by the Consello Regulator da Agricultura Ecolóxica de Galicia (CRAEGA): ES-ECO-022-GA

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