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"Producción responsable"

This merchant belongs to the association CLUSTER ALIMENTARIO DE GALICIA.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Auténticas galletas marineras


Place Daveiga is constitutedó in 2005 to launch “Daveiga Producción Responsible”, a business project developed on principles of commitment to food quality and safety, respect for the environment and rural and local development, betting on an intensive project in labor and preference for raw materials from our environment more #225;s close.

Daveiga is focused #243 on the development of a new product category #237, non-existent in the market, the steer meatball.


The implementation #243;n of the facility's técnico project ends in October 2005, and then #243;n to the product development phase that lasts until June 2006, the date on which the product is presented on the market.

The production center #243;n, located in the Políindustrial gono de “Os Acivros”, in Chantada, Lugo province, has an area útil of 2,200 square meters and a production capacity #243 of 6,000 kilos of sea biscuits per día.


De a business project controlled and participated by workers,
committed to local development and the social economy#237;a that currently occupies 51 people.


Muy bien, el pedido llega muy rapidamente

17 Mar, 2020
María Eugenia Santiago Martínez

"Buen servicio y rapidez"

21 May, 2020

"Facil y rapido"

21 May, 2020
22 May, 2020
Elena Saa Espina
27 Jul, 2020
Mª Eugenia Sanz de Acedo Perez

"Ya lo he hecho mas veces y estoy encantada"

18 Jan, 2021
Amparo Gallego Mateo
04 Mar, 2021
Isabel Herrero Andorno
07 Mar, 2021
Isabel Herrero Andorno
07 Mar, 2021
Elena Saa Espina
11 Mar, 2021
Beatriz Elisa León López
08 Apr, 2021