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Compressed or 500 mg pure spirulina pills for an fácil dosageón of daily intake. Produced and certified in España (Serra Calderona Natural Park, Valencia).

The Ecospirulina tablets or tablets are very special: pressed in frío, do not need agglomerating agent because spirulina has been dehydrated at low temperature. Así remains a raw food and preserves all its nutritional properties. It results in a pure 100% natural spirulina filled with essential nutrients of high biodigestibility. Spirulina properties: recommended for athletes, diets, people who want to supplement and improve their food #243;n naturally.

  • Composición: 100% pure spirulina (arthrospira platensis).

  • Origen: España.

  • Raw product (drying<40ºC).

  • Net weight: 80 g.

  • Alérgens: gluten-free, pesticide-free, GMO-free, additive-free, preservative-free, color-free.

Composición and spirulina properties produced in España

Compressed or 500 mg spirulina pills for an fácil dosageón of daily intake. Ecospirulina tablets are very special: pressed in fríor do not need agglomerating agent unlike industrial spirulina, because our spirulina is á dehydrated at low temperature to preserve its nutritional properties intact (así remains a raw food). It results in pure spirulina in pills, 100% natural full of nutrients of high biodigestibility.


Our spirulina is #225; produced in España, in the Serra Calderona Natural Park (Valencia). It is the única spirulina certified Natural Product of a Natural Park in the world, because the crop is located in a protected natural environment. Así we produce spirulina the más pure.

With the #225;n of transparency in our #233;all of the production of #243;n, we visit our cultivation facilities. To do this, you can contact us,


Spirulina produced in España: Ecospirulina are the first artisanal spirulina tablets produced in España - Quality water of the Natural Park - Harvested at the first hour of the día when its content in active ingredients is the más high - Soft dehydration at low temperature #243 controlled in our laboratory (máximo 39ºC) to preserve all its properties - Certified by the Natural Parks brand of the Valencian Community - APPCC quality control system - Respect for the environment - Food packaging of recyclable materials - Freshness of assured product - Much dedication #243;n and love towards #243 a high quality production.

¿Cómo consume spirulina in tablets or pills?

Spirulina can be consumed throughout the año or during periods more than #225;s punctual according to #250;n needs (tiredness, anemia, sports training, estrés, diet, energy demandética más elevated, etc.).

In regular consumption, it is advised to take 2 to 3 g to the día (4 to 6 tablets) fasting or before breakfast and food to take advantage of all the nutrients of this superfood.

Gradually start from 1 to 2 tablets to the díthe first week, 2 to 3 the second week and así successively.

In más intense consumption (athletes in período of intense training, seasonal changes, anémico state or punctual tiredness). Recommended: #243 4 to 6 g per día (8 to 12 tablets) for períodos of 2 to 3 months.

For athletes, it is recommended to take one part of the spirulina tablets before exertion, and the other part after the end of the effort. This allows the body to provide the essential nutrients it needs así as a high-performance #243;n recovery. It also reduces the oxidative #233;s of células thanks to the important contribution in natural antioxidants.

Note: for better assimilation #243;n of iron, it is advised to consume spirulina along with a source of vitamin C (fruit, fresh fruit juice, etc

The first handcrafted spirulina tablets in España

The Ecospirulina tablets are #225;n pressed in frío and do not need any #250 type of apelmazante químico, unlike the largestía of those found in the trade. Spirulina polysacárides are not #225 destroyed by the low temperature drying process (39ºC máximo). Así therefore, allows to make 100% raw natural spirulina tablets or pills. To date, all commercial tablets are #225;n manufactured with industrial spirulina dried at high temperature by méall "spray dry" at 180ºC. This process destroys some of the essential nutrients of spirulina such as vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and results in a dead and oxidized product of unpleasant odor, which usually has to be #241 added to additives químicos.

A equal unit of weight in pure spirulina, Ecospirulina tablets come out #225 much more competitive in price compared to the #243 product quality and final price of the big brands.

Of fácil ingestión and high digestibility, Ecospirulina tablets are ideal for measuring your daily intake and making it easier to take ráorder. Recommended for the whole family.

¡The tablets are ready #225 your consumption and enjoyment! Consumers who confían in Ecospirulina have very favorable opinions regarding taste and health effects, is our greatest satisfactionón.


2 años in a dry place protected from light. It may happen that algún tablet isé broken by not using ningún químico additive: does not affect its nutritional integrity.

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