Ecospirulina 100% Pure Spirulina in High Quality Noodles - 80g Pack



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Spirulina in strands of high quality 100% natural produced and certified in the Natural Park of Serra Calderona (Valencia). Thanks to a low temperature único drying, we preserve the properties of spirulina and its high content of essential nutrients: multivitamínico complex, complete plant protectionína, Áessential fatty acids (omega 6), mineral salts, antioxidants, trace elements. High iron content of high biodigestibility. 

  • Composición: 100% pure spirulina (arthrospira platensis).

  • Origen: España.

  • Raw product (drying<40ºC).

  • Net weight: 80 g.

  • Alérgens: gluten-free, pesticide-free, GMO-free, additive-free, preservative-free, color-free.  

Comosición of spirulina in noodles

Proteína vegetable complete (contains the 8 aminoáessential cidos), minerals (calcium, magnesium, fósphorus, potassium), áessential fatty cidos (Omega-6), fibers, trace elements (manganese, zinc, iron (the food más rich in iron)), SOD enzyme (paper in neutralizing free radicals), antioxidant phytoigments (Beta-carotene, xantórow, chlorophyll, phycocyanine, zeaxanthin).

A complete food with little heatías.

Spirulina properties: provides energía, vitality and wellness. Ideal for supplementing diets. Highly recommended for people vegetarians and crudi-vegans, athletes, people with an active life and people in período of tiredness temporary or anaemia in iron, niños and teens.

Our spirulina in noodles (or strands) isá produced in España, in the Serra Calderona Natural Park (Valencia). It is the única spirulina certified Natural Park Product in the world, because the crop is located in a protected natural environment. Así we produce spirulina the pure más.  

We grow it with pure water filtered along its route in the Natural Park, high in minerals. Then we harvest it first thing in the #237 when its active ingredient content is the highest #225;s. It is then gently dehydrated at low temperature to respect its #243 nutritional composition. Así you get a spirulina of very high quality, of unbeatable freshness (after harvesting, customers usually receive spirulina after 1 or 2 weeks after #233 the production #243;n only, compared to #243;n with the industrial spirulinas that reach the #237 shelves of stores with several months of transport and warehouses. Proof of its purity and its compositionón intact is the wonderful turquoise blue color that gives off after a few minutes in contact with water: it demonstrates the presence of phycocyanine, natural spirulina pigment and powerful cellular antioxidant.

Más versátil that spirulina powder (the powdered format means that has suffered a high temperature drying "spray dry" at 180ºC and the consequent péloss of nutrients and altered flavor), spirulina in noodles is ideal for smoothies, Juices, etc. but also to #233 complement your salads and favorite dishes: its soft flavor and its crunchy texture ¡you love itá!

Recompressed for the whole family,


Spirulina produced in España - High quality water - Harvest made first thing in the first hour of the día when the active ingredient content is the más high - Mild #243 dehydration at low controlled temperature in our laboratory (máximo 35&ximo #186;C) to preserve its nutritional richness - Certified by the brand Natural Parks of the Valencian Community - APPCC quality control system - Respect for the environment - Food packaging of recyclable materials - Transparency with the visit of our facilities - #243 Lots of dedication and love towards a high quality #243;n production.

¿Cómo consume spirulina?

In regular consumption, it is recommended from 3 to 5g per día (1 to 2 tablespoons of café).

In más intense consumption (athletes, seasonal changes, anémico state or punctual tiredness), it is recommended from 5 to 8g per día (2 to 3 tablespoons) for 2 to 3 months.

¡Spirulina in noodles isá ready for consumption and enjoyment!

The "trick" of the house: if you are looking for high quality spirulina powder, the best way to obtain it is by grinding the noodles in a grinder. Así you get fresh powder spirulina of the best quality, which is notá oxidized by air (neither dried at high temperature (>150ºC) as 100% of the powder spirulina currently available) and ¡with a very pleasant taste!

-quality Spirulina

Produced in accordance with European food safety regulations, it offers all the #237 desired health and quality guarantees: all the materials used for cultivation are food quality, the dehydration #243;n of the product is carried out in our laboratory under atmósfera controlled at low temperature to preserve the #243 nutritional composition of spirulina. You get así a raw product of nice taste and a crunchy texture.

20 g zip closure. 100% natural spirulina: no additives, no preservatives, no dyes, no pesticides, no GMO.

The consumers who confían in Ecospirulina have very favorable opinions regarding taste and health effects, is our greatest satisfactionón.


Spirulina as an unprocessed natural food has hardly any contraindications, but if you have some #250 type of intolerance or allergy, you better consult with your #233; Its high iron content makes it not recommended for people with excess iron in the blood (hemochromatosis). 

It is not #225; cultivated with seawater with which it is not #225; discouraged for people with hyperthyroidism.


2 años in a dry place protected from light. If you want to change the container (the Ecospirulina bag is hermética), spirulina can be stored in a dark glass jar and hermético.


Natural Park of the Serra Calderona (Valencia), España.

The high biodigestibility, spirulina in noodles ¡está ready for consumption!

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