MiiN Cosmetics Seborregulator Face Mask Pack

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This pack of seboregulatory masks, It has been carefully selected by our MiiN Cosmetics Beauty experts. 

The following masks are the perfect solutionón to regulate the production of sebum #243;n, minimize shine and moisturize oily skin.

The black dot pack contains: 

  •  - Tea Tree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask
  •  - Joyful Time Essence Green Tea
  • Water Splash Mask
  • èthat - True Noble Soil Layering Mask

The macarillas in the pack offer benefits únicos for oily skin such as hydrationón, restoration #243;n of the natural skin barrier and the regulation #243 of the production #243;n of sebum. The té It relieves irritated skin and helps to requer inflammation #243;n of acné prone skin, green té retains moisture for long-lasting hydration#243;n, the marine betaglucan complex balances skin hydration levels #243 in dry environments and natural red clay nourishes and purifies

the skin.

Skin type: Especially indicated for oily, acné.

Indo of use: 
Indicated on the back of each mask. 

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