La Industria Handmade Washable mask with water-repellent and antibacterial finish

La Industria Handmade

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Made according to #250;n SPECIFICATIONs UNE 0065-2020 with 2 layers of cotton fabricón 100 % orgábreathable meat with anti-stressática properties and hydroófugo and antibacterial treatment, harmful substance-free.

Keeps its properties intact until after #233;s of 25 washes:
  • Re filtration capacity ón >94% ; Barrier to penetration #243;n of partículas and bacteria
  • Re repelle to the #237;quidos. Protects from saliva contagion
  • Biocide; Prevents the proliferation #243;n of bacteria avoiding odors
  • Tenched with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate, free of harmful substances
  • Transpirable; cófashionable and pleasant to skin contact
  • and reusable
  • Goma elástica with adaptive adjustment
Powerás continue to use the mask after 25 washes thanks to its filter pocket.

100% algodón orgánico with hydroófugo and antibacterial finish

The duration ón of antibacterial and hydro treatmentófugo está guaranteed for mínimo 25 washes (following washing instructions) so you do not need to añadd filters.
Después, you can insert a filter for extra protection#243;n. 

17 x 16 cm (covering from nose to chin)

Wash at 60 ºC with neutral detergent without bleachía or softener.
Dry completely before reuse. It can be air-dry or tumble dryered at an máximo of 70º.
Iron at an average temperature of 10-15 seconds after #233;s of each wash to maintain the hydrideóleakage and antibacterial properties, careful not to iron the rubber theástica.

This product is not an Individual Protection Equipment #243 (EPI) or a Sanitary Product (PS) and is not #225; Designñado to replace these.

Their use is personal and should never be shared with others.

Hygiénicas masks are a complement to recommended físico and hygiene distance measures.

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