La Canenera Nut peeled halves - Bag of 10 kg

La Canenera

Nuez La Canenera

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Nuez in grain from conversión to ecológico and free of herbicides and insecticides in the Guadalimar vega, in Jaén.

Product 100% natural.

Wave to vacío.

Dimensions: 40 x 32 x 26 cm.

Sabor and texture typical of HOWARD and CHANDLER variety nuts grafted onto patrón national JUNGLE REGIA.

Período of advisable consumption, an año since its collection, although it dependsá on its conservation #243;n, because its fat content may tend to tend to getting in hot environments above 25 ºC.

Conserving in a cool, dry place.

Al it is a natural natural product , can be consumed at any time. We recommend accompanying #241;I go to salads, yogurts, desserts... Or raw directly, at snack time #233; half mañana or mid-afternoon. Ideal for satisfying appetite before main meal or dinner.

Processing process #243;n: The collection of this fruit is done over October, when the first rains of the otoño finish opening the first cáscara of the walnut, to facilitate its collection of the árbol.

Once the walnut is harvested, stripperándola from the cágreen scara (ruezne) is processed while washing to prevent nogalin (ruezne dye) from staining the cáscara. Subsequently, it must be dried to remove moisture from the fruit and which is #233; suitable for consumption. Once this whole process is complete, part is packaged in meshes for sale in cáscara, and part is peeled for sale in grain, differentiating the grain into halves, quarters and pieces.

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