Botularium Botularium Lomo de Orza in Pickle (Crystal Marmita)



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The pickled orza spine owes its name to the clay container that suns#237;to be used to store canned food. Orza is a tall, handleless vessel in which the products of the slaughter of the pig were preserved in oil. Currently the spine is stored in glass canisters, but the original name has been maintained.

The pickled orza loin Botularium está made from the traditional recipe and using the best ingredients.

Ever already cooked, it can be consum #250ed without any type of preparation #243;n. It's perfect with #241 of some homemade potatoes and some bread.



  • Inredients: Pork loin (80%), olive oil, salt, water, vinegar, garlic, bay leaf, pepper, natural spices, thickener (xanthan gum), pimentón, limón, orange, azúcar, antioxidant E-331 and E-301, preservatives (E-250), anti-vocalists (E-451 and E-551
  • ).
  • Alérgens: contains sulphites


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