Astil Oak red wine from Ribera del Duero


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Categoría: Tinto (100 % grape 2,018)
Denominación de Origen: Ribera del Duero
Qualifyingón of the Harvest: Very Good (11 March 2019)
Varieties: 100% Tempranillo Ink (8-13 años) (trellis)
Viñedos: Payment of terrañuela (alluvial with drainage strip)
Climatología: A winter, clásico in Ribera, with some #250 less than usual, reaching -12 degrees some of the días. Snows and rains as if there were no mañana, until #225 late in the summer (June). On 18 May there was an frost that affected part of the viñedo of Castrillo, but the delay of the vine, was sensational for the recovery #243;n and the new shoots (only lostó 20%). The slide was almost punctual in late April, slowly because of the temperature. In June the rains gave way to the sun. End of spring and hot summer (relaxed July with less temperature than usual), without rains, #243 acceleration of the process, sun and water stored in subsoil. The winter occurred from 4 to 12 August, according to ún plots. August and September sun and great jumps térmicos díat night from 27-33ª at 9-12º night, for the excellent ripening #243 of the grapes. Favorable the month of October maintaining daytime temperature causing a slow and constant maturationó, long as usual in good harvests. September-October they became a regulator in the evolution of the grape #243s. The grape tasting, we started at the end of September, gave us a nugget with brown hues, a grape that peels well from the cluster and the cluster of vines, ripe pulp, homogénea, already tinted on the sides by a tannin and anthotian that come off with some ease. Grape reduced in volume (this año a little más large) In the mouth sweet, good acidity and with little or no astringency. Quality and health of the grapes, in this winery, Very Good.

At the end of October (from 10 to 16), manually and selected in the vine by harvesters, all, of the family. The harvest is carried out in #243 boxes of plástic of 12 and 20 kg stackable for transport.

Found the must by delaying 3-4 días fermentation(#243;n (maceración), very good loose coloring. Backed up, three times, daily with the old manual bazookas to the hat for the máxima extracción of dye matter. The duration #243;n of fermentation #243;n Alcohólica was 12 días being controlled between 26 and 30 degrees of temperature. Extracciónuggets up to 18% in delestages. Just yolk must. A natural fermentation #243;n Maloláctica. Clarificationón with albumin. Decanted by winter rigor. Not filtered. You can decant

Bottled: May 2019 (after five months in American and French barrels)
• Color: Well dressed, with abundance of color, clean, bright (good acidity, better than others años) with details añiles, pronounced, in meniscus. High robe, good colorón purpura (intense), quizás excessive for young.
• On the Nose: Carácter vínico very intense, but without unsanked. Scale between touches of black and red fruit, with some spices. Fresh memories, this año más atlántics, light, of the Plant world and memories of cinnamon and vanilla and distant cocoa (new or semi-new barrels) quizás some caramel.
• In Boca: Dry attack, but fruity, expressive, some blackcurrant (on the palate) quizás a soft tannin and a little less body than in años earlier, not forgetting the fruit, enveloping, intense in the middle mouth, with a certain alcohóIlic well compensated with the tannin (somewhat drying for youth and naturalness typical of this red grape) and the slight barrel.
• Keeps fruity memories for a long time, requesting another glass.
• Given its texture we believe it will keep its qualities for an año. Its best stage 2.019-2021 (at my point of view the “point álgido” October 2019).
• Serve in the environment of 15º to 18º degrees.
• Keep out of reach of the sun and at a temperature close to 20º. The bottle lying or face down.
Analítica: Alcohólico Grade: 13.73 % Vol.
Total Acidity (TH+): 4.57 g/l Acidity volátil: 0.50 g/l
Azúcar Reducer: 1.90 g/l Density: 0.995
Combinations: Chuletón steer, Roasted, Stews with vegetables, Pickled, callos or cooked nose. Rice with meat with a touch cítrico, Ibéricos.
Date of the tasting May 21, 2019
Catadores: Gabriel García Agudo (Asoc. Bemmeliers Aranda and Ribera)

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