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Ceramic Bull
"Cerámica artística del Poniente Granadino"
Diseño y fabricación de piezas cerámicas


Soy José Carlos Toro. In 2017 I finished my studies #233 in Cerámica Artística at the Palacio Ventura School of Art in Motril. Until December 2021 I have combined my work as a teacher of Francés with my #243 passion for the cerámica.

I have decided to create my own workshop in the rural environment that saw me grow, adapting the space of an old warehouse #233 of drinks and liquors.

Desin April I am registered in the Register of Artisans of #237 Andalusia and I dedicate myself to the cerámica full-time.

The first entrepreneurial initiative such as Toro Cerámica nació on the crowdfunding platform Verkami.


I create #225 ceramic pieces made with traditional #233 techniques. I am inspired by nature and the history of ceramics to propose á #250;nicas and icónicas pieces like a ginkgo biloba leaf or light and evocative like the seashore.

My first #225 ceramic installations bring me closer to visual #237 poetry and conceptual art.

Do not completely abandon teaching; the dissemination #243 of the #233;cnicas cerámicas always formá an essential part of the value of my works. With this objective I organize conferences in educational centers, dynamizing workshops where we create a collective work with the collaboration #243 of students and teachers.


All processes at Toro Cerámica are carried out by myself: from creation #243 to marketing #243.