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The Pantry
"Orgullosos de la calidad, sencillez y originalidad de nuestros productos"

This merchant belongs to the association SABOR GRANADA.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Productos de calidad que añaden un toque exquisito


The Pantry is a company with few años running, we started in 2015, a family business, which firmly believes in natural products and in doing things in a simple and traditional way. Cooking and creating so that our products have a real, natural and exquisite flavor.

Our company is #225; located in the deifontes vega, smallñor town of the province of Granada. In this enclave we have a small #241;a microfábrica where we work completely handcrafted. Our recipes have been used by our family throughout the años and others we have tried new and improved trying to give them that special touch that characterizes us. Today's #237 we continue to test and innovate recipes and flavors, with different short-, medium- and long-term projects.

The Pantry has been created by two women, mother and daughter, who are carrying it forward for now alone, but hope to be able to employ más people in a future próximo, both in kitchen and #243;n. All this without changing the way we work or industrialize any in#250;n process since we believe that this is the differential point of all our products and what directly impacts their altísima quality.

Our products carry sónatural products as they appear in nature, no artificial additives or preservatives, or dyes whether natural or artificial.

There are products we do not manufacture because we needían that añadié#8220“extras” whether they are gelling or unnatural preservatives and we do not agree with that. Natural, simple, as always has been done… Plain & Simple….

Our idea has always been to provide real food, prepared and preserved as antaño. Do not lose the essence of the product in the process, either by industrialization#243;n, or by volume, or by adjusting costs.

All is #225; made with table product, top quality, and that shows. The elaboration #243, from cutting, boning, peeling, chopping, cooking, everything is done as we will#237; we are in our kitchen at home.


The products we manufacture and market are chutneys, jams and marmalade, blackberry meat, spiced rhubarb and pickle. At The Pantry we are proud of the quality, simplicity and originality of our products. These are products that you can #237 find in an English fairy from centuries ago or in one of today in día. Timeless products of quality that añ give that exquisite touch to our dishes.

Our range of gourmet artisanal products range from the más delicious jams where you can enjoy the whole fruits to our delicious sweet and sour chutneys of many varieties to satisfy any palate and accompanyñar thousands of dishes. All our products are made in traditional pots, our raw material is cut by hand and the jars also #233;n filled by hand. There is no industrialized process #250.

Our ingredients are grown by ourselves or purchased from quality suppliers, both distributors and farmers and hortelanos in the area, trying to favor local and local trade. Being a small #241 company with small lots#241;we supply ourselves with fruitías #237 local and nearby, as well as hortelanos of our neighborhood, trying to promote local development and growth as a whole of our municipality and province


The Pantry tries to encourage the cultivation of vegetables and fruits for use among local farmers, and to grow also on #233 their own many of the ingredients we use.

Our innovative más products in the Español market are chutney, pickle, spiced rhubarb and our new product of 2018 blackberry meat, since they are products of which we are pioneers in the south of España and there are very few manufacturers, although every time más, nationally. Companies even arrive from our environment to enter this branch of the transformation #243;n of the vegetable product, corroborating the need and demand in the market. It is also #233;n true that it is imported from the United Kingdom and países Nórdicos, but also #233 that the quality and variety is worse and limited, being fully industrial products.

  • The chutney is a sweet and sour sauce traditionally used for accompanyingñar red meats, poultry, patés, cheeses, sandwiches, burgers, sautéed and rice like curry. It is native to India “Chantni” in hindú, this was adapted by the English during the élittle of the colonies for their tastes, #243;n preserves and culinary traditions.
  • Our chutneys are #225;n made with a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Ideal for accompanyingñar or being part of many dishes. These dishes and recipes are published weekly on our blog so that the end consumer and retailers have a reference to their use in the kitchen.
  • ¿Qué is it a pickle? Something bittersweet can be a pickle (pickles in vinegar normally) or a sauce. In this case it is a sauce with fruits and vegetables, its use in England predominates in accompanyingñcheese ageing, being very típico sándwich cheddar cheese with pickle. In Argentina and other #237 countries;ses of Sudamérica is used muchísimo in the accompanyingñgrilled meat. It can be said that it is a #243;n variation or a #243;n evolution of chutneys, although very similar, that was part of the food that the English farmers brought to the countryside.
  • The spiced rhubarb comes to us from Canadá and has a spectacular taste, #233;n a variant of chutney and pickle, with más spices and with this great unknown in España that is rhubarb, a leafy vegetable that visually resembles a chard with strong pink stem, but that tastes ácido, as algún ará Sóit is used the stem of this plant and the truth that the result of this preserve is spectacular.
  • Theest seasonings or sauces carry very little azúcar, which makes them an optionón más healthy to replace other condiments and industrial sauces that carry azúcares and trans fats hidden in their recipe among many others and that we consume without realizing it.
  • We have two types of jams, traditional jams and marmalades. These últimas made from cítricos, being bitter #225 and what differentiates their nomenclature in Englishés. And all of them made with top quality fruit, which is appreciated in its color and flavor,


Formed by two people for now, Susan and Susana mother and daughter, although for seasons we hired moreás staff, either for manufacturing #243;n, distribution#243;n and attendance at fairs and markets.

"Rápida, y muy fácil."

10 Feb, 2020

Muchas gracias! Nos alegra que te haya gustado. Un saludo

Correos Market 18 Mar, 2020
Javier Lopez-Tello
10 Feb, 2020

Muchas gracias por tu valoración Javier!

Correos Market 18 Mar, 2020

"Plain & Simple mermelada de naranja amarga."

El contacto con la empresa la primera vez fue amable y profesional; sin embargo, aún no me han contestado una pregunta que les hice sobre el producto.

Hoy, 10 de marzo, me han contestado y la mermelada tiene 33% de fruta.

22 Feb, 2020

"Correcta, en plazo y embalada con mimo"

Había una hojita de papel con una receta, se agradece el detalle, así como que el material de embalaje interior fuera de orígen natural. Todo muy artesanal. Bien hecho!

04 Mar, 2020

"Muy caro, pequeño y de calidad normal."

30 Mar, 2020
xulie sanchez

"Muy bueno"

26 Apr, 2020

"Muy rica, repleta de mora"

Muy buena, no muy dulce y mucha cantidad de moras. Envío bien.

01 May, 2020
pedro Rodríguez Lopez

"Muy buena calidad"

Envío rápido y con buena presencia

16 May, 2020

"Plain & Simple Bote de Ruibarbo especiado"

todo muy bien

16 May, 2020

"Todo correcto"

Envio, tiempos y entrega perfectos.

28 May, 2020
juan pablo martinez garcia



31 May, 2020


31 May, 2020

"Muy fácil."

04 Jun, 2020
Debora Josefina Hertel
05 Jun, 2020
06 Jun, 2020

"Muy rica, un pelín picante pero me lo comí muy gustosamente"

Ningún contacto

27 Jun, 2020
antonio gomez cayuelas
07 Aug, 2020
Goar Hernández Loinaz

"Mermelada de Naranja Amarga"

Simplemente delicioso

08 Nov, 2020
Mª Olga Gutiérrez Barbadillo

"Todo en orden"

08 Nov, 2020
Rosa Prieto

"Paquete tardio"

El pedido llego bien aunque tardo bastantes dias

22 Jan, 2021
Manuel Blanco
23 Jan, 2021