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The Love Experts
"Lubricantes naturales que se llevan"
Lubricantes de bolsillo limpios y discretos


The Lubets are 100% spañoles but since we really like to move, we are spread around the world. We've been handing out love since 2020. We're here í for “cover that gap” unattended by the big brands, which they haven't emotionally connected with the user. We have a very fresh image, Lúdica and at the same time, safe. ¿Why do we #233; we tell you this? so that aáis to the “fresh” club, creates magic, don't break it with a cumbersome bottle of lubricant.

Put yourself in situationón: “You have a stable partner and want to revive your sexual #243 relationship. ¿Are you going to take out a boat? that you breakíto the clímax; you open it, you turn it in your hand, you undo it, you put the tapón and then hide it that your mother doesn't see when she goes home.”

¿Solter@? You bring someone home (at best because if you go to their house and take a boat out of the bag, the same gives them a solution). You take out a bottle of lubricant and … ¡Qué stick! Your appointment realizes that you've used #237 it before, you're #225; finishing and has to hurry. Make that moment único with your pocket lubricants, #225 in addition to our molón, hygiénico and sexy appearance, we get your encounters   unrepeatable. Experience únicas.



We are the natural pocket lubricants that are carried, in one dose, and you apply us with one hand, clean, discreet and súper fun. Our design #241 so prá you can take us wherever you want. We are composed of ecológicos and natural ingredients. The Lubets will always want to seduce you and then fall in love. We want to be part of you, always go with you (in your pocket). May our relationship #243;n, in addition to #225;s of relying on the funsión and pasión, do so in trust. And last forever. That's why we have so much personality and take great care of our image, our gráficas, packaging, copies… we have thought of everything so that tú just think about…


Our creators make up 5 very creative people who put a lot of love into us. Among us is #225; the founder who is in charge of thinking and soñar with us and that we are available to you. A corporate strata, a financier and two creatives who make us know #225;is thoroughly,
Olga Maria Mella Garcia

"Todo bien"

Sin problema

14 Jan, 2021
Marina Cueli


Bien, la caja se veía algo dañada pero no afectaba al producto

25 Jan, 2021