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MR albums and short stories
"Encuadernación artesanal"
Encuadernación artesanal y creación de cuentos educativos


I carry near an añor dedicated to the #243;n artisanal and #243 creation of educational stories.

With my álbumes and notebooks I want the moments you've really lived and made happy to immortalize them


Helping your photos to be kept in a special, #225;gico place. That you tell your life in a diary made for you, special as the person who uses it,

With the stories I try to encourage in the little ones#241;love and respect for nature and for all the beings that live in it.


á#243;n handmade binding for photos and notebooks or diaries. I also #233;n write stories, iluster and bind myself.


The team is #225; formed sóit by me.


Muy bien, muy amable y muy atenta.

21 May, 2020

Muchas gracias María José. Me hizo mucha ilusión tu comentario y que te gustase tanto. Espero que a tu hermana también. Para lo que me necesites ya sabes donde encontrarme. un abrazo, Marisa

MR álbumes y cuentos 27 May, 2020
16 Aug, 2020