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"Un mundo de sabores por descubrir"

This merchant belongs to the association FADEMUR.
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Setas gourmet


A early #241;o 2018, decide& #237; that you do not want to know;#237;to continue living in the city. I always have #237;loved the mountain and ride itñto and go out to pick mushrooms. Seeing the scarcity that our mountains currently have, decide #237; plant them myself,

Our philosophyía is to bring gourmet mushrooms to any spañ table; wave, for this we have different ranges of products, and prices, which gives the possibility to eat fresh mushrooms at a good price.


Thoping of excellence for innovation #243 for rural women, in its X edición, corresponding to the añor 2019.

Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and #243;n

Prim award "Excellence in innovation #243;n in agricultural activity"

We sculpt all our mushrooms following all the recommendations of CRAE (Commission ón Ecológica Agriculture Regulator) in our facilities.

Cultivate and sell throughout the #241 a&<3> <7>;or our mushrooms, making seasonal rotations of mushrooms favorable to the natural temperature.

In spring and summer we grow our tropical varieties that are best adapted to temperatures naturally:

  • Pleurotus Pulmonarius (Phoenix Mushroom).
  • Pleorutus Citrinopileatus (Bell, Horn of Abundance or Golden Mushroom).
  • Pleorotus Djamor (Pink Pleorotus).

And in otoño and winter we grow:

  • Pleurotus Ostreatus (oyster mushroom).
  • Pleorotus Eryngii (thistle mushroom).
  • Agrocybe aegerita (poplar mushroom).

Stes seasonal, #233;n collected from our forests, for your tables as:

  • Boletus.
  • Edulis,
  • Pic it,
  • Aureus.
  • Lactarius Delicius (níscalos or rovellons)

all of our mushrooms pass strict quality control,

The collection of our products is done with the most #225 environmental respect, having trusted collectors who, in season, go out to collect our treasures without dañar the forest and trying to help its maintenance so that future generations can enjoy it.


Today, formed by Nazareth Matthews.

Jose Antonio Cueva Nuño

"Muy buenes"

Muy amable

08 Feb, 2021