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Fabric Bags
"Piezas únicas para colorear espacios"
Elaboración Artesanal


Comencé makes two años, in love with fabrics, their textures and their possibilities. I am an architect and experimental artist, my goal is to express through #233 my work the most #250; of the decorative possibilities that can be achieved with simple and everyday materials, I want to give the #243 option of having colorful objects that become a focal point and eye-catching point of the decoration #243;n in any of the formats presented. Also #233;n I am consistent with the recycling and #243 reuse of the materials, that is why in my works there is a lot of material with double use.

Inicié my career making bags and ecol bagsógicas of fabric for purchase but I have opted for this type of utilitarian and figurative art. My pieces are handmade, with different materials always around the textile world, trying to recycle the largestí of them since that is my real commitment to the future. My idea is to be able to share this creative experience by bringing a special touch to different spaces.


My business right now is to create pieces úutilitarian art pieces (such as benches, stools, stools and mirrors) and figurative art (such as the collectionó <4>;n of bugs and reptiles that I work on right now) as decorative elements. How far I want to go??? There are no #237;mites, I loveí to be able to sell all España and that my pieces will bring light, color and a different and cheerful point in each space where it is located. Export beingíat the most #225;ximo, I think that foreigners this type of craftsmanship and color works can be very attractive but sometimes the weight makes it difficult to transfer, so this #243 option with Correos is wonderful!!!


For now, #243;I do.