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Atelier Margo Padding
"Si te apetece tener en tu vida un poquito de arte...¡Visítanos!"
Almazuelas y Acolchados riojanos


The #241;o 2017 complies withí the sueñor to create a textile #237 crafts company. I have been sewing moreás of 20 años; though when I #233 fell in love; of the souls it was many more than #225;s años; I saw my first tapestries #241 at ten years and I've wanted to learn this creative textile té.

The first intention #243 was to set up a company to create a different way of life, but deep down the idea is to do something I'm passionate about. This work allows you to enjoy researching and combining colors, textures and sueños.

In 2017 presenté a tapestry to the International Patchwork competition in Sitges and winé the first prize in the categoría Contemporáneo.


we are a company of souls and padding. We can create any piece of souls you can think of, from the designñ or to the final makingón.

We love the padding, we can pad a creation #243;n yours, bringing our artístico.

If you want to learn how to do it, you can #233 also count on us, #250;ethanols to find out about the classes.


Ade the moment, the team is #225; made up of a single person. The research part #243,n advertising, social media and the internet, padding service, classes, markets and #243 production are my tasks.

Elena Saa Espina
27 Jul, 2020