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Almazara da man da moura
"Productos de calidad, elaborados de la manera más tradicional y natural posible"
Aceite de oliva y miel de Galicia


We started in the año 2015, with a plant #243ing own olive trees, and the #243 restoration of a small #241 wine cellar, to be converted into an olive mill.

In the same time, we started installing some hives, to produce honey,

With idea of making a quality product, made #225 in the most traditional and natural way possible, with the raw material of Galicia.

In honey, we feed to complete the cácrí mara;a, from ahí, bees produce only what they collect.


you have to make olive oil and honey


For the moment we are going to meetún the demand, and the #243 production of olives, ours, and the area, but in principle, we do not plan to produce more than 3,000 L/año.


It is a family business, which has #237; we plan to attend for hours and weekends, but in order to serve the business well, we hire a person


Three adults, from the family, and a hired person