We, The Legend Duopack case 2 x 100 ml

We, The Legend

Palacio Oliaxi

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Premium case of 2 100 ml bottles of the varieties of extra virgin olive oil Picual and Hojiblanca, "We, the Legend" (ideal to give away).

The hell is a cold extra-#243;n oil, harvested on full moon nights, as it #237 is done by the legendary farmers of Ancient Rome. Perfect for gifting and also #233;n suitable to carry aboard the aircraft cabin.

NO contains any #250 type of alérgeno or special ingredient. It doesn't contain anything other than olive oil itself,

redientes: 100% Olive juice, with the characteristics íorganolépticas and físico-químicas corresponding to the catechoría of the extra virgin.

Nutritional #243;n information (For every 100 g): Energy: 3766 Kj/ 900KCAL, Total Fats: 100 g, Saturated: 14 g, Monounsaturated: 75 g, Polyunsaturated: 10 g, Carbohydrates: 0 g, Azúcares: 0 g, Proteins: 0 g, Salt: 0 Mg, Vitamin E: 20 Mg (200% CDR)

Conservationón: Avoid heat. It is always advisable to keep the extra virgin olive oil in a cool, dry place (with low humidity), and to maintain a more ás or less constant temperature. It is advisable to store the oil containers in a dark place or with very little luminosity. Keep the container closed.

The extra virgin olive oil can boast of being one of the few foods that does not expire, instead indicates a preferential consumption date that is 2 años from the packaging.

Usement benefits: Whether in #160 toast;breakfast, such as aliñor salads or vegetables, and even as an ingredient of emulsified sauces, to finish dishes, even for desserts of pastry, cockteles, etc.

The Hojiblanca más variety is specifically recommended for the preparation of frías and hot creams, intense emulsions, pastas, sautéed, vegetable preserves, marinades of blue meats and fish.

The Picual variety, más specifically, is recommended for preparing salads and slow stews, freír chips and croquettes, and #233 also for preserving raw or cooked foods.

Our olive farms are #225 located in the area of the Estepa Region, in Seville. It is an area that is #233;gicaly exceptional because of the climatologicalógicas conditions that occur, and for the quality of its soils. We take special care in the collection #243;n of the olive, the oil is first extracción in cold and we sacrifice in the grinding processón quantity for quality, making it obtain a higher quality oil.

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