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"Los olivocultores legendarios"
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This merchant belongs to the association PRODETUR.

Elaboración de AOVE ecológica y gourmet

We are a family business that we started in 2017. It was when we brought a small #241;starting to grind the mill, when the experts told us, that we had #237 a very special oil in our hands, and that we shouldí we should make it known, and even present it to international awards. Así we did, and immediately we started to have quite éxito, and to win several prizes that #237; they certified it. We are currently selling in at least 7 different countries.#237


We have a few olive farms located in areas where the quality of the soils and the special climate of the area, results in a fabulous extra virgin olive oil. In addition#225;s of being a gourmet quality oil, we have certified our production #243;n as ecológica. Our idea is to spread the magnífico product that we have, based on our Mediterr Dietánea, and with many íhealth-beneficial properties. We want to reach the restaurants of high restoration, #243;n gourmet shops, food shops#243;in ecológica and anyone who wants to benefit from such a complete product, both in España, and outside our borders.


our equipment isn't too big. We have the Manager, a person in the Commercial part, a person as Product Manager, a person at Administración, and we outsource the Marketing Department, which works externally.

Francisco Javier García López

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03 Feb, 2022