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The seal commemorates the 50th anniversary of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an organization founded in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists. It is a recognition of the medical-humanitarian work he carries out in more than 70 countries, and his continued commitment to the victims of the worst humanitarian crises.

MSF is a chain of humanity, which starts from the support of more than 7 million partners and collaborators who guarantee that 97.2% of the funds are of private origin. This financial independence has been crucial in responding to and testifying to all kinds of emergencies arising from natural disasters, war conflicts or epidemics over the years. More than 45,000 health and non-health professionals work tirelessly to continue suturing wounds, attending deliveries, providing vaccines and saving lives wherever necessary and possible.

This stamp includes an illustration inspired by watercolor made by the designer Montse Lapuyade, a regular collaborator of MSF. It is an adaptation of a photo that Anthony Jean took on February 23, 2020, during the 7th rotation of the Ocean Viking ship, with which the organizations MSF and SOS Mediterranée carried out search and rescue operations for migrants in the Central Mediterranean.

The image captures the moment of relief experienced when survivors, workers on board are told that they have been assigned a safe port: the ship is on its way to Pozzallo (Italy). These people have left behind the nightmare of Libya but for many others throwing themselves into the Mediterranean Sea remains the only option to survive.

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      Printing: Offset, phosphorescent self-adhesive.

      Seal size: 35 x 24.5 mm

      Postal value of the stamp: Rate B

      Print run: 1.140 .000 stamps .

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