Pack of 50 stamps Tarifa A2

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Pack or sheet of 50 units of postage stamps with A2 Rate, self-adhesive, for letter postage of 20 to 50gr or without standardization in Spain.

Unit price (RATE 2022) € 0.85 / stamp.

Product exempt from VAT.

The design or image of the stamp may not match the image of the photographs.


What does Tarifa A2 mean?

The A2 Tariff is intended for national shipments of ordinary correspondence, from 20 to 50gr. and 20gr. without normalizing. It is valid for any shipment of these characteristics and with origin and destination any point of Spain.


What is a standard letter?

It is a letter up to 20 gr. that must go in a white envelope or light colors. Normally its dimensions are between minimum 14 x 9 cm. and maximum of 23.5 x 12 cm., in rectangular format and, its thickness should not exceed 5 millimeters.

What is the difference between rate A and rate A2?

The A rate is intended for domestic shipments of standardized letter, up to 20gr.
The A2 rate is intended for domestic shipments of non-standardized letter, and letter from 20 to 50gr.

If I need to ship outside of Spain, can I use these stamps?

Tariff A and A2 are only valid for postage in Spain. For destinations outside of Spain, you must use Fare B (Europe), or Fare C (International).

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