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In this stamp Floreano becomes a pilgrim to, hand in hand with Correos, accompany us in the celebration of the Holy Year or Xacobeo in this 2021. Good way!


The Xacobeo, also called the Jacobean Year, Holy Year or Jubilee Year, is celebrated when the feast of the Apostle Santiago (July 25) falls on a Sunday. It is then that pilgrims are allowed to visit the tomb of the Apostle in the Cathedral of Santiago and get plenary indulgence or forgiveness of all sins. This forgiveness of sins, also called Jubilee by the Catholic Church, can only be done in five cities of the world: Compostela, Rome, Jerusalem, Santo Toribio and Caravaca de la Cruz.

Usually the Jacobean Year is every 5 or 6 years, and sometimes, you have to wait up to 11 years to live a Xacobeo.

In addition, in each Holy Year the opening of the Holy Door takes place, to officially begin the Jubilee Year: The archbishop hits three times with a silver hammer on the wall of the Holy Door, as a symbol of the hardness of the Way that leads there. Then ask permission to enter the Apostle, and then the wall is torn down. The Holy Door is open for the next 12 months.

On this occasion the protagonist of the seal is Floreano, who, dressed in his pilgrim cape, his bordon and the pumpkin, leans on a sign of the Camino de Santiago. This mythical character, created by the cartoonist Gogue, has been encouraging readers of the Vigo Lighthouse with his vignettes for years.


Product Philately Correos

Format: Stamp in pack of 5

Material: Coated paper, gummed, phosphorescent

Printing: Offset

Seal size: 28.8 x 40.9 mm (vertical)

Postal value of the stamp: Rate B (sold in pack of 5 stamps)

Publication Date: May 27, 2021

Circulation: 160,000 stamps

Product exempt from VAT.


How can I live the Camino with Correos?

In https://www.elcaminoconcorreos.com/es/ you can find useful information to do the Camino, and also know the services we offer you in Correos to make it easier for you as a pilgrim, for example:

· the Paq Bicicleta, which allows you to send your bike to the starting point of the road, or return it at the end.
· the Paq Peregrino, to send your packages or suitcases and pick them up at the point of the road that interests you the most.
· the Consigna de Santiago, to leave your backpack, bike or cane in the Plaza del Obradoiro and move lighter around the city


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