National postal forwarding

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If you change your address, at Correos we take care that you do not lose any of your shipments.

With postal forwarding we take your packages and letters to your new address.

With this service a recipient can continue to receive their correspondence, for a limited period of time, when there is a change of address or headquarters of their company.


IMPORTANT: The contracting of this service requires you to fill out and attach an application form before payment. You must also attach an identification document of each of the holders and authorized of the service. Download here the necessary documentation to contract it. Forwardings must be contracted at least one week in advance to ensure correct activation in the destination unit.


What is postal forwarding?

It is a service that allows the recipient to continue receiving their shipments when changing address. It applies to both individuals and companies. Correos is responsible for sending to the new address all shipments that are received at the address of origin.


What kind of shipments can you forward to me?

All mailings addressed to the holder or holders of the contracted forwarding are forwarded.


Will urgent shipments also be forwarded?

Urgent shipments reissued as a result of the contracting of the Postal Forwarding lose the character of urgency due to the fact of the reshipment, being exempt from fulfilling the conditions of delivery time of urgent shipments.


What kind of shipments can't be forwarded to me?

The following types of shipments cannot be forwarded:

· Money order and telegraph products.

· Certificates and Parcels with Acknowledgment of Receipt in the event that they are outside the national scope.

· Shipments directed to a postage at destination.


Will notifications also be forwarded?

The notifications are included within the service provided by the Postal Forwarding, as long as the sender of the same has not agreed otherwise with Correos (you can consult the list at, at the post offices or through the customer service telephone number 900400004).


How long can I hire postal forwarding?

It can be contracted for 1, 2 or 6 months and online contracting must be done 72 working hours in advance.


How often will I have the forwardings?

Forwarding is done daily in the Post Office units.


What documentation do I need as an individual to hire it?

It is necessary to fill out the form, and attach the NIE/ DNI of all the holders who subscribe to the service.


What documentation do I need as a company to hire it?

Only one company can be hired per contract and headquarters. The CIF or copy of the title of incorporation of the company and the DNI/NIE of the representative of the same must be attached.


I need to contact you, where can I go?

For inquiries about this service, write to us at