Paturros Hygienic mask for adults



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Yy different models of scartille hygieéreusable nica, on the one hand «Paturros» or with the ducklings of our logo and on the other, #160;carmasilla cachirulo. ¡They are reversible!

Elige the #225 one you like and give a touch of aragonés to your look in these new times that has touched us to live.

Chmeated mask is #225; formed by 4 layers, 2 layers of 100% polyester fabric (outdoor) and 2 filters of 100% polypropylene TNT fabric (nonwoven fabric), are breathable and antibacterial.

Made and sewing by hand, no additional filter needed and resisten más of 30 washes.

The reusable hygiénica masks have been prepared, disinfected and packaged following strict security measures.

¿who are these masks aimed at?

This product is intended for adults without síntomas, they are perfect to use public transport, enter enclosed spaces, such as supermarkets, walk along the street …  

ADVERTENCE: This mask is not a medical device (PS) or an individual #243 protection equipment (PPE).

¿Cómo washing and disinfecting the hygiency maskéreusable nica? For a correct disinfection of the reusable hygienó #233&nica mask, we recommend following one of these two washing options, recommended by the Ministry of Health for proper removal #243;n from COVID19.

  • Opción 1: dilute 20ml of Sanytol Textil for every 4 liters of water and leave the mask submerged for 15 minutes. After #233, rinse with plenty of water and dry before reuse.

  • Opción 2: dilute 1 part of bleach #237ing for every 50 warm water and submerge the mask for 30 minutes. After disinfection#243,n, wash with water and soapón and rinse thoroughly to remove any remaining bleach #237 and put to dry.

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