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The muscular gel frío-heat of Aloegades is a natural product made from aloe vera juice and enriched with other natural assets with analgésicas and anti-inflammatory properties such as harpagophyte, árnica, menthol, camphor, thyme, peppermint essence, rusco extract and vitamin E that help treat muscle overloads and relieves pains caused by bumps, sprains or diseases rheumáethics and artrósicas.

  • A #243 toning, refreshing and soothing action is recommended for sports massage, in preparationón and #243 muscle recovery before and after the effort fé #237;sico.

  • Assets:

    • Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller 100% pure. Stimulates cellular #243 regeneration, tones, hydrates and refreshes.

    • Harpagofito. Anti-inflammatory and analgésico.

    • Arch. Relieves pain from trauma or shock; prevents the formation #243;n of bruising or helps eliminate them; reduces #243 inflammation and accelerates #243;n.

    • Mentol. It has a refreshing, soothing and revitalizing effect

    • Alcanfor. It produces better sanguíneo irrigation. Also #233;n numbs the treated área as it has analgélight sicos; effects. Reduces itching,

    • Toto. It has a high moisturizing power helping to preserve the film hydrolipídico of the skin. It has antiséptica, antibacterial and antifúngicas properties. It is also #233;n appreciated for its ability to regenerate and tone the skin.

    • Soteminity. It has an analgésic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, astringent and expectorant effect. It has refreshing and soothing effects for tired and swollen legs,

    • Srexssex. Relieves discomfort and feeling #243s of leg heaviness associated with mild venous disorders and tingling #243 sensations or the tendency to fall asleep

    • Vitamin E. It is an antioxidant that protects the células, slowing down aging. This vitamin also #233;n is a perfect ally to treat stains caused by the passage of años. It protects your skin from the sun's rays, #243&n pollution and external agents that givesñan skin.

  • Use way: apply to the area to be treated with a gentle massage to its total absorption#243;n, as many times as deemed necessary.

  • Advestances: do not apply to mucous membranes, open wounds, or in niñor children under 2 años. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of #241 children. Do not ingest,

  • 200 ml.

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