Verde Agua 2 biodegradable cotton masks. 40 washes.

Verde Agua

Verde Agua

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 Manufactured with algodón 100% without pesticides or harmful fertilizers certified #243;n OEKO TEX

 Tout attached to the fabric by tinta not OEKO TEX.

40 washes-laying. 2 masks equal to + 2 months. 

Mascarillas with sother adjustable amounts of algodón. *** in case of being kept in the same position #243;n through #233 a knot dutyá cut.

 ¿You want to know how they get? ¡Hereí you have the video! ... watch video

  Local product fabricated in Valladolid.

Diseño conscience.

You can discard your mask or orgánico.

Part of the benefits of this project are intended for ANSE - Associationón of Southeast Naturalists in their project ANSE - Associationón of Southeast Naturalists in their project

with loggerhead turtles  conlaboring to finance the geolocation teams #243;n that #241 currently accompanies the turtles in their #237;; aía being able to identify the feeding areas #243;n and the hazards to which they are exposed at sea.

 Video campña Green Water

‍ You can see más about our campña at: @verdeaguava o in our página.

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