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"Ecología sostenible como base para una economía sostenible"
Mascarillas biodegradables para reducir el impacto ambiental


The polyéster both during its production#243;n, its processing and its subsequent use releases microfibers that contribute greatly to the load of microplásticos in the environment. Melik Demirel, cientíFico of Materials at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn State) suggests switching to biosintéticas fibers to solve this problem. Also,#233;n the gums of the masks are #225;n usually manufactured from a mixture of polyéster and elastane, so they are not biodegradable. In addition, #225;s, if not cut before throwing away the mask, pose a danger to the fauna that can become enred in them, even the péloss of limbs or the strangulation #243;n.

Every this problemática has led us to immerse ourselves in the development of a project consisting of the production #243 of biodegradable masks with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of them:100% cottonón approved, water inks, alternatives to rubbers....


It is an innovative project because aúna environmental sustainability, health, fashion and economics#237;a in a careful way in detail. On the one hand, the masks are #225;n diseñadas in algodón orgánico without harmful #237 chemicals to create the least possible impact on the environment and, in turn, they comply with all the standards #225 and regulations of the Ministry of Health under UNE 0065:2020 on reusable masks.

Además, they have an elegant and simple #241 design, which makes them suitable for all types of públicos.

Part of the profits go to the ANSE- Association #243;n project of Southeast Naturalists, who carry out an essential task on the shores of the Mediterráneo and the Mar Menor.

Once you have finished life útil of the mask it is very important that people know that they can be thrown into the orgánico cube since both fabric and inks are not polluting and fibers are natural.

Our propósito is not to sell millions of masks, but to create a change of mindset in the consumer so that he understands the environmental impact of certain behaviors, including the massive consumption of masks that will cause #241;os in the environment to lastá años.


Verde Agua está composed of a multidisciplinary team consisting mainly of its three founders: Sofía Lana Frechilla, Andrea Fernández Sanz and Luna Fontecha Ricote.

It now has five women united by a great motivation #243;n and the same values of sustainability and care of the environment.

The other two members of the team are Paola Muñoz, content manager and Ángela Diez, head of communication #243;n in networks and fundamental pillar of the development and advertising strategy of the #243;n of masks.

Cristina Hernando
07 Mar, 2021
Julia Gómez Mínguez

"Ha sido muy sencillo elegir el producto y conocer sus características a simple vista"

Las conocí en un taller scout y me encantó su labor, lo bien que explican las cosas y su compromiso con el ecologismo

20 Mar, 2021
Luis González
20 Mar, 2021
Joana Piñeiro Castelo
06 Apr, 2021
Elena Ruiz

"Muy rápida"

08 Apr, 2021