Mercavip Thermovip Cervical - Thermo Soothing Cushion of seeds and aromatic plants



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The thermo soothing pillows of Mercavip están very well considered for their fantastictástico aroma, and for their balanced and exclusive fórmula of whole grains and #225 aromatic plants; traditionally used for their large amount of qualities. They contain 1,150 g of active ingredients, seeds and #225 aromatic plants. Useícela whenever you need heat/fríor physiológico and natural for the daily treatment of your muscle, nerve or joint ailments. 

  • Save of muscle tensions, joint pains. Very suitable for the #233;s of día día, and very beneficial for belly discomfort, menstrual pains, colds, rheumatism, headaches and sports injuries. Because of its calming power it is very suitable for niños and elderly, students, etc.  

  • you warm in a few minutes,

  • To combat the daily #233;s.

Tips to activate your content. Caliéntala 2-3 minutes in the microwave at máxima power; If your specialist recommends youó húmedo heat, put a glass with a little water next to it. Enfríwing 1-2 hours in the freezer inside a bag of plástico. Your thermo soothing pillow stays á activate 40-50 min. approximately as it progressively yields its heat/#237;o and the essences of the plants. Your Thermovip thermo soothing pillow can get a little wet after #233 warming it up; this confirms that the grains inside expel moisture by dragging the valuable essences of the plants it contains, largely responsible for its effectiveness. The pillow will dry out á in just two minutes,

  • Preservatives#243:n: If you use it regularly you don't need #250 any special care. If you don't plan to use it for a long period of time, you can store it in a plástico bag in your freezer and thus stay á as the first día.

  • Hymlyath TéCervical rmica. Heat/Frío natural, for músculos and joints. Tamaño único 30 x 27 cm approx. Net weight 1,150 g.

  • Woven: 50% polyester - 50% cottonón. Filling: whole wheat seeds, barley and oats, rosemary leaves, splendour flowers, eucalyptus leaves and peppermint.

  • Security warnings: do not heat 4-minute más in the microwave. Check the temperature reached before applying. Use under the direct supervision of an adult.#243

  • Store in a cool, dry place. Úit is provided that your médico or specialist has recommended the application of heat #243 (dry or húmedo) or frío.

  • Manufactured in España with local and fenced raw materialsía. Artisan and natural product.

  • Colors: garnet, dark green, dark blue, cherry, ducat blue, apple green, granite, chocolate, jeans.

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