Mercavip Animal Massage Pins and Facial Thermo Soothing Himalayan Salt, Seeds, Plants and Aromatic Spices - 2 x 300 g



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Omoothy couple of body massage and facial paints are thermo-soothing and relaxing. Geotherapy, Thermotherapy, Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy in a single product. Handcrafted from whole grain grains, Himalayan salt, #225 aromatic plants and selected spices, to achieve the most #225 effective;xima effectiveness. Natural heat with gradual temperature and physiológica cesión. Designedño and traditional fabric. Characteristic aromaís;stico and very balanced, which is maintained throughout our range. To use them in frío or hot. Utilícelas provided that your médico or specialist recommend #243s the application of massage, dry heat or húmedo.

  • For skin relief, músculos, nerves and joints.

  • Very suitable for the #233;s of día día.

  • Belymoles, menstrual pains, colds, headaches, sports injuries…

  • By its calming power it is very suitable for niñ <3> <7>;os and elderly.

  • Idals for aromatherapy treatments.

  • Idales for massages.

  • Fantásticas to relieve the #233;s of día día.

  • Soteds, etc. etc.

Used for all kinds of massages; body and facial and alleviating #233;s, menstrual, cervical, lumbar, muscle contractures, rheumatism…

Cada pinda contains 300 grams of a careful selectionón of seeds, Himalayan salt, plants and spices arománatural aesthetics in perfect balance. Thanks to their designedñ or and manageability can be used to relax or massage any part of the body. In fríor we can use them to relieve sunburn, strokes, trauma, sports injuries, etc.

  • Composición: 300 grams of whole wheat seeds, Himalayan salt, fenugreek seeds, té green, lavender, bay leaf and cloves (there may be other grains

  • Heser: caliéntelas (2 pcs) in the microwave to the máximo, for 1 minute más or less, according to ún its power. If desired, 30 seconds más, every 8-10 minutes of application#243;n. If you need húmedo, heat #233 them up by a glass containing a little water ¡Before removing them from the microwave, check their temperature!

  • Frío: When you have to use them in frío, envuélvalas in a bag of plástico and deposífabrics for 1-2 hours, in the freezer.

  • When you are not going to use your pindas for a long time, you can keep them wrapped in a bag of plástico in your freezer; this way you can keepán all its properties and stay #225 free of moths, corcons and other insects.

  • Manufacture in España. Craftsmanship and natural product.

  • Precautions: Do not heat más 2 minutes in the microwave. Check the temperature reached before applying. Use under the direct supervision #243 of an adult. Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Me have been handcrafted with Himalayan Salt, Seeds, Plants and #225;natural aromatics, to be used regularly, and provide you with relief and well-being.

  • No store me inside a boxón, cupboard, cupboard, next to food, or in húme or too hot places for too long; I attackán insects.

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