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"Productos artesanos y naturales, para ti y para tu hogar"
Almohadas termo calmantes de semillas y plantas aromáticas

From 1980, 40 years ago #241; we have been marketing dietética, natural and medicinal plant products in our Diet ética and Herboristería familiar center.

In 2010, leveraging our accumulated experience and knowledge, we founded Mercavip and started making our first thermo soothing seed cushions and #225 aromatic plants.

From a first they had an exceptional welcome in the market, since we manufactured them one by one in a totally artisanal way, we use raw materials and medicinal plants of first quality and of fenceí a, and are manufactured on demand, ¡recién facts!


So dealers had to market our products in the national territory and, currently, we are present throughout España, with our general products and with those manufactured to third parties, under own brands.

On a short time we were accepted as an Amazon partner, and our products began to be sold in Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Rumanía and #243 practically in Holland.

During our catálogo of thermo soothing pillows has been growing in quantity and variety, and we have been enriching it with other cará products;cter craftsman and natural for you and your home.

In the current Correos Market beá our new project and a new bridge between you and our company, in order to bring our products to you in the best possible way, respecting and promoting local and national commerce.


Our company has always been family-owned and has always been run by our family members, some of them already gone. The continuous improvement in the manufacturing processes #243;n, preparation #243;n and #243 distribution of raw materials and finished product, and purchases exclusively from local and near producers #237;a, has allowed us to maintain the desired volume and quality of business.

Esmeralda García Valladolid
04 Jan, 2021