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"La fuerza de la naturaleza en estado puro"
Andalusian Premium Aloe Vera


Alogies emergedó about #237 being unemployed. I have exercised my working life as a draftsman and saw the opportunity to reverse my situation #243;n starting to take the family witness (agriculture) and see the possibility of taking a different step by testing with alternative crops.

Online search for information #243;n, watching television programs in agriculture and attending conferences on crops #233; the generational change that is #225; giving and convincing me #237; taking this step. Among other crops, aloevera was one of those crops that attracted me and in October 2013 I was born #243; AloeGades.


Our company is engaged in the production of #243;#243 n and commercializes of aloe vera ecológico products (aloe juice and cosmética).

This #225;ctica requires the #243 use of manual means to produce a high quality aloe vera, respecting the environment and contributing to a social crop that needs the labour force of the day labor for all the processes that are carried out.

Tres essential values accompany usñan on our way. Ilusión for a new project, will to carry out this #241; or, and constancy to make it a reality.

Our idea is to consolidate ourselves in Andalucía as a short-term goal, and start expanding to other communities and introducing our products in online stores.


In this moment the team is #225; made up of two people. Francisco Jesús Castilla Soto y Jesús Bernal Sánchez.

16 May, 2020

"Remedio para alergias"

Llego a tiempo en 1 semana, gracias por producir este jugo.

17 May, 2020
Luisa Albizu

"Rápidos y eficaces"

No ha habido necesidad de contactar.

23 May, 2020
Rosa López

"La compra ha sido correcta y rápida"

01 Jun, 2020
María Begoña Núñez García
16 Jun, 2020
Kester Osabuohien Ihama


26 Jan, 2021
Mayra Tatiana Zamora castillo
08 Feb, 2021
Rodrigo Llamas

"La entrega, rápida y en buenas condiciones."

18 Feb, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Aloegades ha sido agradable, Rodri. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!