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"Los patitos de goma de toda la vida, customizados de baturros"


All starts at añor 2017. Driven by the desire to publicize the amazingíble heritage that my city has, Zaragoza, I develop a website with information with informationón turística

In 2018 the idea of Paturros was born as an original object of ZaragozaGo to expand the catálogo of souvenirs of Aragón.

Our goal with Paturros is to give a new air to the image of our city, creating a product that also #225;s of being attractive to tourists, is also attractive to #233;n for the Aragonese.

With ZaragozaGo, #225 in addition to wanting to help enhance heritage, the goal is to help also #233;n give visibility to other local products and projects.


The global project is to offer information #243;n práctica about everything that can be visited in Zaragoza and the marketingón of Paturros, a product designed and created by a zaragozano.

I loveíto be able to expand the catáPaturros logo.

Además, in ZaragozaGo I want to help publicize other local projects related to tourism.


Raúl de Jesús (Web and SEO). I take care of 100% of the creation #243;n and gestión of the whole project.