Montes Universales Duck pate at Armagnac Montes Universales (125g)

Montes Universales


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The paté duck to Armagnac de Montes Universales does not leave you á indifferent. Handcrafted in España with traditional recipes. Fluffy texture, it has an exquisite taste with a touch of Armagnac. This paté of high quality and made with the best ingredients can be accompaniedñar of jams or jams of red fruits, toasted and a good wine. It is suitable for celíacos. It is recommended to store in a cool, dry place and, once opened, keep it in the refrigerator. To taste all its nuances, it is recommended to serve it at room temperature. The double opening of the can allows you to remove the block from a piece and present it #225 easily. Ingredients: Chicken meat, duck meat (25%), híduck gado, duck fat, lean and pork bacon, water, milk, eggs, Armagnac (2%), salt, white pepper and preservative (E-250).

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