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Canard Malvasia

Canard Malvasia

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Lata of 10 units of duck confit thighs


The thighs confit are the duck thighs slowly cooked in the duck fat. Duck meat is very unique, being poultry but having charactersíred meat. It is a tender, juicy and very tasty meat that brings many proteins to the body

  • Systyí:

    • Pergétic median values per 100 g of product:1378kJ-332kcal

    • Atric nutritional values per 100 g of product:Fats: 25.9 g of which, saturated: 8.84 g Carbohydrates: 0.5 g of which, azúcares: 0.5 g Proteínas: 24.7 g Salt: 0.94 g

  • Características organolépticas: it is characterized by a tí color;pico of candied red meat. It is a very unique meat, being a poultry but having charactersísticas of red meat, derived from its cría outdoors and its #243;n with maíz.

  • Usives#243;n:Carefully separate thighs from fat. To do this, before opening the can, you can put yourself in a container with very hot water so that the fat becomes líquida.

    • HORNO: this is the recommended option #243;n. Preheat oven. Place the thighs on a tray, without incorporating fat or oil, with the skin facing up and bake at 180C for 15 minutes, so that the skin is crisp

    • SARTÉN: Place your thighs in a sartén (with a tablespoon of fat from the can itself). Cook over medium-high heat for a few minutes letting them brown on the skin side. Use a lid to avoid splashing and get a knitted ógold ptimo.

    • Ampañar with potatoes cooked in the oven, fruit compote, etc. The thighs are already #225;n seasoned. Do not #241;add salt.

      Date of Preferential Consumption, 4 años from the date of preparation #243;n. Store in a dry and fresh place.

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