Canard Malvasia Lot Malvasia - Sauvignon

Canard Malvasia

Canard Malvasia

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The perfect #243 combination for gourmets and delicatessen gifts, 3 Malvasí foies; 130g of máxima quality, combined with a Wine for Foie such as the White Wine semidulce 50cl, Bornos Palace, presented in a beautiful case ideal as delicatessen pack.

Pack Content:

  • Bloc de Foie: Foie gras de duck, water (10%), whey and caseinates, salt, azúcar, spices and vanilla aroma. Conservative: NaNO2. Antioxidant: C6H7NaO6Citrato sódico. Stabilizer: guar rubber, xanthan rubber.

  • Parfait de Foie :Foie gras de duck, milk, duck fat, eggs, salt, azúcar, spices and vanilla aroma. Conservative: NaNO2. Antioxidant: C6H7NaO6, Citrate sódico. Stabilizer: guar rubber, xanthan rubber.

  • Mousse of duck foie with truffle: duck foie, duck fat, híchicken gado, milk, eggs, truffle (3%), salt, azúmeat and spices. Conservative: Nitrite sódico. Antioxidant: Ascorbate sódico, Citrate sódico.

Características Organolépticas:

  • Fading note of Foie,Parfait and Mousse: Smooth, typical of an emulsifierón de foie gras.

  • Bloc Color : tossed yellow "wheat" / Parfait color: between ivory and light yellow / Mousse color: rosewood with truffle speckling

  • Sabor and Aroma of The Bloc:strong and penetrating, with a point of acidity / Taste and Aroma of Parfait: intermediate between the Bloc and the Mousse /  Taste and Aroma of mousse: soft and truffled

  • Bloc Texture: unctuous and fluxing / Parfait texture: very unctuous and fluxing / Mousse texture: light, unctuous and contrasting textures


Although the products in this batch are preserved and do not need fríor for their preservation #243;n, it is recommended to put them in the fridge when they are to be consumed so that it acquires a consistent texture. Take the Foie Gras out of the fridge and keep it at room temperature between 5 and 20 minutes before tasting it to be able to appreciate all its qualities. Insert the cans into the fridge, such as mínimo, 2 h before opening. Cut into thin slices. Keep at room temperature at least 5 minutes before consuming. Date of Preferential Consumption, 4 añ from the date of preparation #243;n. Store in a dry and fresh place.

Garantía: ensure #250 that it consumes auténtico Foie Gras. Sówhat it says "Foie Gras", it is "auténtico Foie Gras".

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