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Canard Malvasia
"Foie Gras Alta Expresión, El Complemento Perfecto"
Delicias del pato


Canard and the Malvasía #225 brand specialized in the elaboration #243;n of duck foie gras. Since 1989 its commitment is to meet the #225 highest demands of the consumer and to bring the quality of each of its products to its más high expressión.

Foie Gras Malvasía speaks of its land, Soria, of the climate of the Pinares de Urbión. He talks about the know-how of his ranchers and his #243 passion for making the best Duck Foie Gras



Peak high expressión in quality, in the food sector #243;n, is not only talking about making a great product; it is to talk about guarantee ía in the processes of production, control, safety, commitment and rigor.

Dispondering full control over the production process, following traditional criteria, allows Malvasíto obtain the best raw material, and ensure a high quality Foie Gras.

The control over the cría of Mulard race ducks, the #225;s suitable to ensure a skill óptima of foie gras and meat, allows to bet on a production of a production #243;n that takes precedence quality over quantity; foodón with cereal, especially maíz, a long ageing and the stay in outdoor parks.

Malvasía complies with the #225;animal welfare standards required by the European #243 Union being étheses the world-highest #225.

The suitability of the climaáethics conditions of our area, Pinares de Urbión, for the cría of ducks throughout the añor así as the natural environment in which the production #243;n develops, the availability of green spaces with vegetación caducifolia, are also #233 differential elements that support the condición excellence of our products


Eribs Malvasía has the Seal Tierra de Sabor y Tierra de Sabor + Sabor Gourmet, distinctive signs protected as a brand of guarantoría granted to those agri-food products of differentiated quality. Foods of excellence produced, processed and/or processed in the Community of Castile and León.


Nacida as a family business, Canard has other Sorian entrepreneurs in their shareholding.
The three brothers who make up the Board of Administration #243;n, Esteban, Nile and Paula Casado, keep alive the business that their father started by avoiding difficulties and adding support.

Tal, and as Esteban Casado, president of the company recalls, the idea was given to his father by clients who had #237;a at País Vasco; “Él I was manufacturing feed when they suggested the idea, they sought a French producer #233;s and raíz from that contact my father was encouraged to #243; to invest in duck”.

Since its inception Malvasía has been involved with the rural world, that is why the whole process takes place in Soria. The farms are #225;n in the villages of Soria, so the duckling arrived recién born is crí hereí in climatolóideal gicas conditions, and the food #243;n #233 also comes from a Sorian company.

In Malvasía we manage, in this way, to create value in the rural environment, to create opportunities to attract or fix population #243;n, and to stay in the province. Responsible and sustainable #243 is one of our main objectives, as well as avoiding and fighting depopulation#243;n.

Francisco José Mendoza Gomez
01 Jan, 2021

Muchas gracias por su valoración y su tiempo Francisco. Encantados de haber cumplido con sus expectativas, y que disfrutara del producto. Saludos!