Electric Almond Split Machine (Model LD 2022)



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Máquina split almonds theéctrica or nut peeler.

It's steel.

It is a reinforced shaft for longer #243;n, Baked lacquered paint, reducer engine consisting of: mono motor. ii, mn63b4 0, 18kw 1500rpm 220v p63 b14, and reducer reducer trg30 i-25 pam63 b14 much más durable and clean.

Severed tinges and increased input cone capacity with better fit, allowing large walnuts to enter and adjustment up to pistachios.

Ideal for almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, etc.

Fijación by table adapter or work bench (not included with the machine), the tightening to the work bench is done in the upper area, allowing greater comfort for its clamping #243;n.

This máquina split almonds theéctrica only part nuts, does not separate, sort, or clean, so we recommend using it in conjunction with the calibrator, compatible with new nut calibrator, capacity +/- 40 g/h.

A experience and an innovative designño más joins the extensive knowledge and practical #225;ctica in the sector. We started manufacturing the máquinas because #233 we also have #237;we have those problems and seeing that #237 we can help other people with our same needs we start marketing them.

Bee about selling our machines we continue to useándolas and verify themáwe previously at the foot of the field, and if we see that they are útiles, we are sure that we are also én beán útiles for our customers, only así we start manufacturing #243;n and sale.

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