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The Twelve Pearls
"Artesanía con gemas y más"
Creación de complementos artesanales con gemas y otros elementos

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This initiative #243; some #241;os atrás as a personal #243;n, consisting of the creation of #243 accessories made by hand with gems and other elements of a self-taught way and giving way to creativity itself at all times, resulting in, and gradually, a collection ón with a very marked original style.

I've been throughout this time, and finally I've chosen to start this activity professionally.

These are creations based, prácticamente in their entirety, on the use of natural materials, with a simple and elegant seal, very versátil and durable, that resists the passage of time and different fashions because it adapts to any style and circumstance.


Effly creatings of artesanía made with gems, other elements, dedication #243;n and pasión for what is done.

"¿Up to #243;where does this project want to go...?". As far as time and público want to take you...


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