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The Cursed Craft Beer
"Cerveza de verdad, natural del pueblo Herencia"
Buenas experiencias alrededor de una cerveza


Our project was born in mid-2014, in Herencia, that town of La Mancha, in C. Real. Initially, it was Grandma Carmen's fault that she left her #243 kitchen to her grandson Roberto and her girlfriend, Lourdes, to use it as a "laboratory" before this couple decided to bet on making #243 good beer and conquering with each of them, all kinds of consumers. In the beginning you start #243; to get with the beer "blonde" and "toast" followed by "the wheat". Now there are several styles to choose from with the perfected initials.

It is time to bet on the village, stay and develop in the, local and nearby consumption. At the same time bring the good and rich that we make to the rest of the national territory.


The Cursed nació to create good experiences around a beer. We spread brewing culture from the place where we make it, events in our fábrica and sharing in our place "La Pintona", in the town square, all our beers on tap, next to a good peck pintón.

We distribute all our draft and bottle beers nationally, on this we are focused, especially local-regional level and Madrid. Always controlling the quality in the production of #243, we prepend to make a good product, quality before quantity.

Abemost that enjoying a real beer in a bar with yours is the más, but that senseón we should try to imitate it in our home, so we believe in the importance of having in your fridge that beer with which your moment will beá always special. We are committed to local trade, proximity, as important to the economy as #237;a general, así as we also #233 offer the service DIRECT BEER DE FÁBRICA, so that it arrives as fresh as #233;n bottled.


The "Cursed" computer is á formed by Roberto Díaz, the master in "the kitchen" and Lourdes Villafranca, #243 who helps with the preparation of recipes, elaboration #243;n, bottling, etc. and mainly commercial and diffuse work #243;n brewing culture (although this is great work of both); we both complement each other's tasks. So let'#237 say it, we are "the figuratives", but part of "La Maldita" are ALL THOSE PEOPLE, who hand us when necessary and ENJOY our cerves as much as we do; tod@s we formed that TEAM, which makes THE CURSE possible,