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The TrasmoZero
"La panadera SIN GLUTEN de los pueblos"
Elaboración Pan sin gluten


My name is Cristina Prieto, I am the mother of a niño celíaco and I start está adventure in the face of the lack of healthy gluten-free products in the villages. I make from ECO raw materials and not añado ningún extra component: only flour, mineral water, sea salt, seeds and a substitute for gluten.
Beailing this teleworked in teleformingón and I am convinced that you can learn through the Internet #233;s in a self-taught way. My best teachers are the celíacas people who share their experience.
I want to be "the corduroy WITHOUT the villages", smallños as the mío, considered "remote" in the carrier slang.


Panadería handmade based on ECO ingredients, certified WITHOUT GLUTEN. I start with two breads of mold made with sourd dough that require long levado times. No yeast, no azúcar, no egg, no milk, no dyes or preservatives.
The initial three axes are #225;n aimed at getting healthy gluten-free preparations:
CONSUMO ECO: To the consumption group.
THE PANADERA WITHOUT PEOPLES: To all rural populations.
TALLERES GLUTEN FREE: Formación and difusión through #233;s workshops, talks, courses, from the base edgesófica of the workman


I currently work alone and my priority goal is self-employment, to be able to stay in Trasmoz.