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The Snoring
"Sabor marinero de Barbate"
Elaboración de conservas y semiconservas de pescado


In El Ronqueo we are dedicated from the año 2002 to the elaboration #243;n of canned and semi-fish preserves. To do this we use a proximity raw material from the nearest #225;s.

We use in its elaboration #243;n the última technologyía in pasteurización and sterilization #243;n, guaranteeing its conservation #243;n without the need for preservatives añadidos.

Alsopose of the recent creation #243;n of an línea of ecológicas preserves every #225;s extensive, under the brand Artesanos de Almadraba. For its production#243 we use ingredients from Ecológica Agriculture. Adjustándonos to all current regulations, free of pesticides and respectful of the environment, with its corresponding certification #243;n ecológica.


Our goal is to raise fish canned consumption to a new level. To do this we pamper the product, we make our preparations in a handcrafted way and respectful of our environment and we do not accept other raw materials that here #233;llas that maintain the máxima quality.

Combining traditional recipes with new gastronómicas bets, the result is products that are part of the premium gourmet range and in which we appreciate all the nuances of texture, flavor and aromas that our sea gives us.


The Snoring is made up of ten people in the #241;adas to apply all our love for the product and the sea that embraces us in elaborations that surprise the palate más demanding.