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Ascensión Repiso Bocos Winery
"Vino de familia"
Pequeña producción de vinos ecológicos


Ascensión Repiso Bocos natural de Pesquera de Duero has always wanted to send the type of wine that during años has been made in this land. In the año 2000 she studied together with her husband Anastasio Salgado the possibility of creating a small #241 winery where she could make wines with her own grapes. The first bottle of the winery is released in April 2003. At the time, Verónica Salgado, the youngest daughter of marriage, was studying at Enología.

The idea was to produce red wine using the tempranillo grape variety, which the family called "the good one", vinifying separately the grapes of each payment and dándoles different aging times in barrels.


It is a small wineryña productionón. The family carries out the field and winery work. All wines produced in the winery are ecológicos. The grapes come from their own #241;edos and manual harvests are always carried out.

We want to publicize our wines, they are different wines between sí. But with a characterística in común: fruit, grapes, 100% tempranillo.ç


The team is á consisting of Ascensión Repiso, her husband Anastasio Salgado and Verónica Salgado, inócellar loga.