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Vila Sen Vento

Vila Sen Vento

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¡You haven't tried an equal! Pili, our Galician cook, makes it in the restaurant with 100% natural almonds, free-range eggs and algún than another secret trick. Our raw materials are always of high quality and spanish originñand we follow the traditional recipe, far removed from industrial processes #191. So fluffy and irresistible that you just want to #225;s repeat.

  • Taskñor 750 g (for 6 people approx) - 26.90€ with envoyíor included
  • Taskñor 1.5 Kg (for 12 people approx) - 34.90€ with envíor included

For the cake to get as beautiful as it comes out of the oven, we send the azúcar Glass and a mold of the Cross of Santiago aside, with some fun instructions to give you the final touch. If you already sprinkle it, please indícanolo in the observations. 

If you ask us, we will make your cake so that people celíacas/diabé#233;n can enjoy it too.

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